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Detroit and its suburbs are a treasure trove of pizza goodness

Fat Kat's Pizza
15439 Beech Daly Road, Redford, MI 48239

(313) 541-2000
8998 Middlebelt Road, Livonia, MI 48150
(734) 522-1000

A beautiful day for pizza al fresco!

I got pepperoni, green olives, sausage, and feta. Chris got green peppers and mushrooms.

My "ZA."

Christopher's pie!

Christopher and Dan enjoying some yummy "Fat Kat" pizza!

Very good crust, cooked by friendly Fat Kat's employees. (Chris in the background)

Christopher knows good pizza. He's an alumnus of G's and Kelly's!

I went out to visit my cousin Chris and have some pizza of his reccomendation.  He shared "Fat Kat's" with me.  It's a little place with a good size oven.  There were just a couple of girls working, but those kids could make the pie.  There wasn't really any dining room to speak of, so Christopher and I went to a park and had our pies on the back of the Buick.  It was too nice a day to spend indoors anyway.  Later that afternoon we saw a P-51 fly over, so it must have been a great day for flying too.
The pie was good.  I enjoyed the sauce, which was not sweet.  The pepperoni had a good flavor, and the sausage had both a wonderful taste and a nice texture as well.  I also really enjoyed the crust.  For a little place with no real pizziolo on hand, this was a damn good pie.  I did not have any of Chris' pie, as my tummy can't handle green peppers.

Kruse & Muer on Wilshire
 911 Wilshire Drive
Troy, Michigan 48084
(248) 362-2700

Review by correspondent Jarrod of "The Pizza Fans":
There is a restaurant attached to our building with a walk through corridor called "Kruse & Muer - On Wilshire".  It's kind of a fancy establishment that makes high quality food.  People I see going in there are often very posh and dressed up.  One night when we were all hungry here at the help desk, I suggested getting pizza, and my co-worker Gabriel suggested getting pizza from "Kruse & Muer".  I didn't even know they made pizza at the time.  I sure didn't expect what we received that night.

Let me tell you, this a pizza to behold!!


We ordered double cheese with half pepperoni with mushroom and half chicken with broccoli.  My goodness!  I loved both sides of the pizza.  But I preferred the pepperoni side much more.  The cheese is a nice blend of cheddar and mozzarella and baked to a golden brown.  Simply delicious and cooked to perfection!  The sauce isn't too sweet or too salty.


The most unique thing you'll notice about this pizza is its wonderful crust.  It's deep dish crispy with a wonderful Italian herb flavour blended right into the crust.  And the crust edge is a perfect blend of crispy and soft.  The center is soft and hollow as it is folded over in the pan.  Just look at this wonderful crust!


My favorite thing about this pizza is it's unique crust. Thumbs way up for this original treasure from "Kruse & Muer".   - Jarrod

Jarrod sees aliens above.

Ooh, look at those pies!

Jarrod sees more aliens above...and two next to him.

Click here for Kruse and Muer

Jim's Galley
29110 N. Gibraltar
Rockwood, MI

This is the sign for Jim's It's in front of the building.

The building itself has very little signage, but who needs a big sign when you've got such good pie!

Look at that ZA!

Double Cheese, bacon peppeeroni on the left,
Cheese, pepperoni, sausage, olives on the right.

Mmmm, see the burnt edge...Oh so good!

The flavor and texture of the crust were very good.

Pizza Fans, Denis "The Shark," and Jarrod "Jinky" sitting in the Galley with full tummies.

I really enjoyed this pizza.  Again, I ate too much...which I have to really stop, but pizza is so good, it's very difficult.  Luckily the other "pizza fans," Denis and Jarrod, ate too much as well, so at least I wasn't alone in my gluttony.
If you're ever downriver, grab some of this pie!  The crust was wonderful.  Every ingredient was top notch, and they cooked it perfectly.

Jim's Galley

Nana Rosie's Famous Pizza
8368 Pelham Road (just North of Wick)
Taylor, MI
(313) 291-NANA

Nana Rosies is a nice clean pizza joint near Save Land groceries.

I went to my friend Paul's to watch "Planet Earth" and he recommended Nana Rosie's. We got 3 pies!

I chose pepperoni & green olives. Paul's son liked this one too.

Look at those mushrooms! Nice!

I think paul's daughters had the plain cheese half.

Nana's is a good pick up pie.  They also have free delivery, but we went to get it.  I like to see the new pizza places i eat from.  The crust was nice and had good flavor.  The cheese was rich and flavorful, and the pep & olives on mine were quite yummy. I like Nana Rosie's.  If you're in the Allen Park/Taylor area, be sure to give it a try.

Fox's Pizza Den
31221 Plymouth Road
Livonia, MI 48150
(734) 458-1369
Just East of Merriman in Plymouth Square

Fox's Pizza is about a quarter mile away from Daly's, one of the two best burger joints in Livonia.

Look at that crust. It was quite good. The pepperoni is nice and thick, and the sauce, yum!

See the lightness of the crust. It was just the right texture, with a nice flavor.

Fox's Pizza Den began in 1971 in a suburb of Pittsburgh, and now serves thirty states, including Michigan.  I noticed their sign on Plymouth Road in Livonia when I was on my way to pick up my new car from Rogin Buick.  After we got the car, the very first place we went was Fox's.  They have a good, solid "chain" pizza.  What that means to me is that even though they may not have a million toppings, they have the most important ones, and they know how to make good pizza.  The franchise owner was there, and he offered friendly service, as I talked to him about my love of pizza. 
Every part of that fresh baked pie was right on the mark!  I know I'll be heading back to Fox's the next time I'm in the neighborhood. 

Go to Fox's Pizza Den online

Roma Pizzeria & Restaurant
13020 Eureka Rd
Southgate, MI 48195
(734) 282-4900

Roma is on Eureka near Fort Street.

It's a great looking pizza, but it's not quite perfect.

There isn't alot of crunch to the outside of the crust, and very few air pockets.

If you like a sweeter sauce, you're gonna love the flavor at Roma!

Denis remembers the heyday at Roma.

Jarrod shares his Roma's memories

Jarrod, Dan, and Denis enjoying the pizza at Roma.

Cloverleaf Bar & Restaurant
24443 Gratiot Ave
Eastpointe, MI 48021-3306
(586) 777-5391


Look at that crispy edge...Mmmm, so good!

Denis & Paul's pie

Paul & Denis lovin' their Cloverleaf "za!"

Dan and Jarrod hamming it up with a pepperoni and broccoli slice!

Dan's heavenly corner slice, with its crispy edge and yummy toppings

Look at that texture! Oh my God is that good.

Dan, Jarrod, Paul, and Denis: The Pizza Fans

The Cloverleaf Bar & Restaurant in Eastpointe has grown from a small neighborhood bar that its owner Gus Guerra said, "looked like a little white farm house," to the east side institution it is today.
Gus and his wife Anna (Passalacqua) opened Buddy's Rendezvous in 1944.  Two years later Grandma Passalacqua taught Gus and Anna her pizza recipe.  In 1946, Gus was taking his first square pizza out of the ovens in this neighborhood bar in Detoit.
Gus sold Buddy's in 1953 along with his pizza recipe.  In reality, he left what has grown to be Detroit-style pizza.  The rest is part of Detoit's pizza history.
(from the menu)
If you've ever said Buddy's is the best in the Detroit area, have a Cloverleaf.  It's like Buddy's, only moreso.  It is fantastic!! - Dan

Map to Cloverleaf

New York Pizza & Sub
5620 W. Vernor St.
Detroit, MI  48209
(313) 551-0698


Robert is amazed at the delicious looking pizza Dan has ordered!

Cheese, pepperoni, spinach, diced roma tomatoes, and broccoli! Yum, did need a little salt though.

Now that's a thin crust!

Mayo??? What the heck??? This guy needs treatment.

Even his kid thinks mayo is a bad idea.

All Sports Pizza
20540 Ecorse Road
Taylor, MI 48180

Cathy and I got this pie. I have to say, they are not stingy with the olives...Wow!

The "pizza Fans" had a movie night at Paul's house, and as always, pie was on the agenda.  The pizza of choice was All Sports Pizza on Ecorse between Mortenview and Pelham.  Great crust.  Generous toppings.  Quite filling.
Cathy and I got pepperoni, ground beef, and olives, and man did they load up on the olives.    

Look at that! That's a pretty pie!

We got a number of pies, and everyone had just what they wanted.
All while watching the first two "Pirates of the Carribean" movies.
I love sitting in front of a nice TV with good friends, all of us just stuffing our faces with the ZA!

That's a nice split pie! One of the great things about pizza is its ability to be a communal food.


Making a good crust is an art. Look at this one, it's beautiful...and tasty too!

There's nothing better than Family, Friends, and Pizza!!