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Remembering Vito

The last Roma's pizza Jarrod ever ate that was made by Vito himself.

I decided to dig through my archive of photos and show you the last pizza from Roma's I had that was graced by the hands of Vito himself!  (May he rest in peace in Pizza Heaven!)  Oh how I would love to jump into a Delorean Time Vehicle and take you back to a time when Roma's pizza was made with Vito's loving Italian hands!  Just gaze at the wonderment in the picture, and you can see the quality difference compared with the pie that Dan reviewed here at 
There is cheese piled high and loaded all the way to the edge of each delightful end slice!  The cheese is baked to a golden brown gooey goodness and the pepperoni is cooked to crispy perfection and curled up to encase the heavenly pepperoni juices and oils!  The cheese is baked to a wonderful blackened crisp on the back end of each end slice and bursting with mozzarella flavour.  You can see that love was put into making this pie.

Vito had been making pizza and Italian food for people since 1957.  My good friend Denis had introduced me to this pizza and we have been going there for years.  I have many fond memories of nights at Roma's pizza.  It was simply the best. 

His was the most unique pizza sauce I had ever had.  It was really sweet.  And the cheese was fresh mozzarella.  And it had my favorite bacon of any pizza I had ever had.  However, the experience is not the same there any longer.  And I was saddened that Dan could not have tasted and reviewed what may have possibly been my favorite pizza of all time.

All hail Vito!  God of pizza making!  You are truly missed!


There's nothing better than Family, Friends, and Pizza!!