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New York Pizza
Hoogstraat 206
5615 PW Eindhoven
T 040-2920203
F 040-2920212


I have tried pizza in the Netherlands before.  And while I enjoyed them, they weren't truly been pizza as I know it.  For starters, none of the pizza I previously had gave the option of pepperoni as a topping, so they weren't starting out on the right foot to begin with.  Pepperoni is my staple topping.  Very rarely do I order a pizza without it.  Usually, the option of salami is the only close thing available in the Netherlands.  Well, thanks to an advertisement on TV, I was able to find a really decent American style pizza.


New York Pizza!  And I have to agree with their slogan.  Damn Tasty! 
I was more than surprised with this pie.  For one thing, they actually had pepperoni!  Secondly, the pizza truly did taste American.  Old school pizza American in fact.  Kind of like Dino's Pizza if any of you have ever had the opportunity.  But from the second I put a slice in my mouth, it was bursting with flavour!  


The sauce was just the right mix of sweet and salty.  I believe it was the first taste to hit my mouth.  And I loved it!  The pepperoni was everything pepperoni should be.  A perfect blend of beef and pork, with just a bit of grease on top.  The mushrooms were perfect as they weren't too wet or slimy.  They were just the right amount of soft with the curling up of the edges from being cooked.  And they complimented the other ingredients perfectly.  The cheese was also just right.  I hardly ever order pizza without extra cheese, but always feel that you must order any pie the way a place makes it on it's own to truly judge how good they are with their cheese.  This establishment was perfect.  Just the right amount of cheese and it was bursting with flavour.  I'm not certain if it was a blend or just mozzarella.  But it was good!  The pizza we ordered was called "Pepperoni Perfection":


And boy was it ever!  If ever in the Netherlands, I highly recommend this pizza!



Sint Maria
Hortensialaan 8a
5582 CL Aalst - Waalre
Winkelcentrum Voldijn

We sent correspondent Jarrod Adams to The Netherlands in search of a good pizza.  He found one at Sint Maria.

The sign says: "take away and furnish"
The front of Sint Maria as seen by Jarrod & Steve.

Look at that amazing pizza, and the crispy burnt part on the crust.

Mmm, I wish I had been there. - Dan

Look at that crust!!

It was late at night, and Steve and I had been out on the town, and we were really hungry.
Nothing was open as everything closes around here between 5PM and 8PM.  But we did find this one pizza place.  "Sint Maria" pizza was really good.  It was very old school.  I ordered a number 14: Pizza Salami (Tomaat, kaas en salami).  Of course, I ordered it with double kaas (cheese).  It was flat and crispy.  The crust was delicious!  The sauce was pretty good.  It wasn't too sweet or too spicy.  It was right in between.  The cheese was sharp and very smooth, and it didn't stretch.  It had a flavour much like ricotta.  The salami was very salty, which gave the pizza a strong sausage taste.  The oregano stood out on the top of the pie and gave it the perfect touch.  I was very pleased with this pizza and would surely eat here again.  I finished the whole pie.  My overall favorite thing about the pizza was the crust.  Crispy heaven.  Perfect flavour.  Floured bottom.
A perfect meal after a busy and exciting day!! 

Click here for Sint Maria Pizza

There's nothing better than Family, Friends, and Pizza!!