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U.K. Pizza selections
Photo Album: Page One featuring G'S PIZZA
Photo Album: Page Five featuring KELLY'S PIZZA
2006 Tour: featuring G'S PIZZA

On my honemoon in England and Scotland, I HAD to try the local PIZZA! 

Deep Pan Pizza
36, Glasshouse Street, Soho
London, England
Tel: 020 7437 4927

In London's Piccadilly Circus area Cathy and I discovered Deep Pan Pizza

At Deep Pan Pizza, I did not order deep pan.  I instead got the pizza you see below, which was good, but not the best pizza I got in the UK.  That would come in Edinburgh.

Mmm, it was good to have pizza. It had been at least a week since I last had a pie!

My wife Cathy quickly enjoys her "ZA!"

Me and my babies, the pizza and my new transistor radio.

Deep Pan Pizza was good.  I liked the crust.  It had a nice smokey flavor.  The pepperoni was nice, but it just wasn't magical like "G's" or "Kelly's."  I needed to continue the quest.

Argyle Chippy
106 Argyle Street
CH41 6AG
Tel:  0151-666 1919

In Birkenhead, Merseyside we discovered The Argyle, chips, and PIZZA!

Argyle Chippy needs to understand one thing about pepperoni pizza. IT NEEDS MORE PEPPERONI!

The Filling Station
235 High Street
Edinburgh, Scotland
Tel: 0131-226 2488

On Edinburgh's Royal Mile, you will find "The Filling Station."

And Now, the best of the U.K. pizza I had...infact, I ate at two different locations of this restaurant..."The Filling Station!"
I loved the Edinburgh Filling Station.  The Inverness one was great too, but not exactly as good as the Edinburgh one, which is pictured below.

Heaven on a pie crust. This pizza is in my top five!!

What appears to be a very simple pepperoni broccoli, no olives, etc...really is a pizza with a fantastic flavor.  It has a depth of flavor that was unsurpassed by the other pizzas I had in the United Kingdom.  The aroma alone was amazing, but that first bite was like hearing the opening strains of the Star Wars theme as that famous yellow title font bursts onto the screen!
If ever you're in Edinburgh, eat at The Filling Station.

Correspondent Kimmie sends us this report from Belfast

16-19 Shaftesbury Square
Belfast, Ireland, BT2 7DB
Tel: [44] 028 9023 0213

On their honeymoon in late summer of 2007, Kimmie and Adam Sailor visited Ireland.  I told Kimmie to make sure she filed a pizza report, and here's what she submitted.


Mine is in the forefront - the Sophia. Adam's is in the back - the

We loved the generous toppings - almost had to eat the stuff with a
fork! Could have used a bit more sauce, though. Excellent crust - very
crispy and not too thick.

Speranza2 Restaurant, Belfast

There's nothing better than Family, Friends, and Pizza!!