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Kelly's Venture Inn

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Kellys is in Rogers City.  R.C. is found in Presque Isle County, and is home to the first radio station I ever worked at.     D.

As you read this page, you'll learn about "Kelly's Venture Inn."  This is the culprit that began my pizza lifestyle.  It was just up the street from WMLQ, which was the first radio station I ever worked at, and the first place I ever lived away from Mom's home cooking.  Sure, I'd had pizza when I was younger (Primo's on 7 mile in Livonia most often), but I didn't have the choice to eat it as often as Kelly's.
The atmosphere was great, the pizza was amazing, and it got me out of work/home for a few hours most nights.  They also had nice burgers, and for desert I would occasionally get orange sherbet with chocolate syrup.  Yum!!!

The place that started it all!
Kelly's Venture Inn
3090 Us Highway 23 S , Rogers City, MI
(989) 734-2865

The great KELLY's Venture Inn!!!

Joe's first "Kelly's" experience.

Cathy at Kelly's

A yummy slice and an ice-cold soda.

Kellys Venture Inn very good!

Oh Man...Kelly's Pizza after all these years!!

Chris spots the third Ms. Pac Man machine of our trip, as Joe racks 'em up.

I love the crust at Kelly's!

Dan at Kelly's

There's nothing better than Family, Friends, and Pizza!!