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The pizzas of Washtenaw County!

Silvio's Organic Pizza
Beautifully Remodeled and Expanded Restaurant

715 N. University
Ann Arbor, MI 

Street View of Silvio's

More than double in size, Silvio's new look!
Click to make bigger!

Look at that fresh mozzarella! Admire that crust! Can you smell the heavenly basil?

So good! So very very good! I could eat this crust with nothing at all on it!

This pizza is breathtaking.  The crust is so good I could eat it with NO toppings.  It has a nice lightly floured and smokey bottom.  You can taste the hint of olive oil, and a heaping helping of pride.  The edges, or "cornicione" are bubbly and just heavenly.  I usually get a 10 inch Silvio’s Margherita.  The tomato sauce is so fresh and had a wonderful kick to it.  The fresh basil is grown on site in a beautiful display.  It gives the pie a wonderful aroma.  Silvio gets his fresh organic mozzarella from an Italian cheesemaker based in Connecticut, and it is fantastic.
I could tell by meeting Silvio that he is a true and honorable pizzaiolo.  And when I bit into his pie, I knew this man is a true pizza artist.  I can’t wait to try all of his pizzas, but I'm hooked on that Margherita.  Oddly, when talking with Silvio, he describes himself, not as a pizzaiolo, but as a baker.  Silvio leared how to be a baker making breads and doughs with his father.  And for certain, I’ll be back many times, with as many pizza loving friends as I can possibly gather together.  For dessert, be sure to try the tiramisu!

Pizza fan, Paul enjoys a potato, mozzarella, blue cheese, and rosemary pie.

The Potato pizza Paul so fondly consumes in the above photo.

Jarrod got the Seafood pizza, and really enjoyed it.

Silvio Medoro makes some of the best pizza I've ever had!




Beautiful and Delicious: Silvio's Organic Pizza!

Tiramisu! A perfect dessert to follow Silvio's legendary pizza!

Bell's Pizza
700 Packard Street
Ann Arbor, MI 48104-3316

What a wonderful pizza place!

This is a Bell's pizza with broccolli, green olives, and double pepperoni.

Taking a closer look.

Fantastic crust. Great flavor and texture. Almost buttery. Check out the hole structure.

From the crust to the center, every centimeter of this pizza is yummy!

For quite some time, my favorite Ann Arbor pizza was Bell's pizza.  They're at 700 Packard Street, at State, across from the "blue front" party store.  The sauce is just right, not too sweet.  The pepperoni curl up a bit and get slightly crunchy on the edges.  The cheese has a great flavor, and they offer my two favorite vegetebale toppings, broccolli and green olives.  The crust is so good I can't even explain it here.  It's crispy on the cornicione, or outer lip of the crust, but tender inside.  There's just enough grease to make portions of the bottom wet, but for the most part it's just a slight buttery flavor with nooks and crannies like an English muffin, but somehow different.  FANTASTIC! 

Jarrod Adams and Denis Boismier visit Bell's Pizza

Bell's Pizza

Anthony's Gourmet Pizza
1508 N. Maple 

This is an Anthony's "round" with pepperoni, broccolli and green olives

The pizza I got had broccoli, green olives and pepperoni (my favorite combination obviously). The pepperoni was beneath the cheese, and the veggies were on top. The sauce was wonderful, and the cheese was very tasty. I enjoyed the richness of the overall flavor. It was not sweet. I am not a big fan of any kind of sweetness in my pizza.

I start off with two slices, and Mmmm, they're good!

The PEP is beneath the yummy cheese.

Good crust too! Not "Bell's" good, but quite tasty.

Cathy's pizza was very unique. It is called a Potato Florentina, and features slices of onion, roasted potato, spinach, roasted garlic, and pesto sauce. It was good, but it was not pizza to me.

Cathy had an unusual pizza: Potato Florentina

Visit the Anthony's Pizza Website

CITY'S Pizza & Subs (formerly DJ's)
3148 Packard St
Ann Arbor, MI 48108
(734) 971-2996

Formerly D.J.'s Pizza, now City's Pizza and Subs

Our first "City's" pie. Mmmm, it hit the spot!

Medium DJ's with green olives, tomatoes, and deluxe pepperoni

A very good pizza, made by an expert with decades of experience...and his dad made pizzas too.

Deluxe pepperoni is thicker, spicier, and richer than standard pep. Very good!

Good traditional crust, nice texture and flavor.

I loved DJ's pizza.  When I saw it had closed, I was really bummed. 
Jarrod and I were very glad to learn that the owner of DJ's is involved in CITY'S as well.  He's making sure the new owners make me my good pies just the way I like 'em.  I love getting tomatoes, green olives, and both the DELUXE and regular pepperoni.  This is no five dollar cardboard pizza. 
(Pepperoni note: The DELUXE is thicker, and the regular is thinner.) 
The two flavors and textures go very well together.)
Get yourself a CITY's PIZZA!  You'll really enjoy it.

Ann Arbor Pizza Bob's
814 S State St Ann Arbor, MI 48104
(734) 665-4517


Look at that pepperoni!

It is a very good looking "ZA!"

Having recently gone downriver to experience the Gibraltar/Rockwood "Pizza Bob's" I figured that the next pizza I should eat, should logically, be the Ann Arbor Pizza Bob's. So on January 11th, 2007 I went there and ordered a pizza with pepperoni, olives, and broccoli. I was impressed that they offered broc. & green olives.  The gal behind the counter was delightful and charming. Within the first few bites I knew I liked the flavor pretty well, but the crust was not my favorite. That honor remains with Silvio's and Bell's, at least here in the Ann Arbor area.  The cheese was thick, of good flavor, and did not slide off. The pepperoni was not bad, but not mindblowing. I did not, however, like the two olive pits I found in the three slices I ate.  Still, overall it's a good pizza, and I can see how it has lasted decades in the highly competetive Ann Arbor pizza market.

I'll go back again, but next time I think I'll skip the olives and try the wheat crust.  Jarrod must go to this Pizza Bob's with me so he can say he's been to both. 

I loved the way the place is decorated, with a variety of Pizza Bob's t-shirts through the ages, and theri website is great!

I went back for the wheat crust...and YUM!!!
It's a far softer crust than I'm used to but the flavor goes through every morsel.

Pizza Bob's wheat crust is delightful.  It's quite different from traditional crust.  It's soft to the very edge, yet it supports all of the toppings remarkably well, and the flavor is really a nice departure.  I always enjoyed wheat bread sandwiches as a kid, and this is just like having pizza on a slice of very high quality wheat bread. 

Pizza Bob's menu, history, and haikus...yes haikus!

Tower Inn & Wise Guyz Pizza
(734) 487-2650
701 W Cross St
Ypsilanti, MI 48197

Alan Black recommended Tower Inn, and Oh man, was he right!! Very good!!!

I was in the mood for ground beef too. Mmm, perfect.

This crust is amazing! It's flavor comes from olive oil infused with garlic & other spices.

I've worked with Alan Black for years, and when he recommended Tower Inn Pizza, I said to myself, I'd better listen up.  It was all he said, and more!!!  This pizza has a delightful crust with a pleasing texture, good hole structure, and a flavor that comes from olive oil infused with garlic and other spices.  The crust tastes great from the center to the edge.  The cheese was great.  The pepperoni was good.  This pizza was not too heavy on the sauce, which was much to Cathy's liking, and every flavor was very well balanced.  The atmosphere inside was great too.  I picked up my pie to take home, but while I was waiting I took a look around, and can't wait to have a nice dinner out at The Tower Inn.
Thank you Alan for the heads up!!

Visit The Tower Inn online

Marco's Pizza
a midwest pizza chain
I order from Packard near
Carpenter  (734) 973-1750


Marco's is a great delivery pizza. They've got great service, cheesy bread, and cinna-bread!

See! That's a good delivery pizza. Quick, tasty, and fresh!

There's nothing better than Family, Friends, and Pizza!!