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Jarrod and Denis try Bell's Pizza
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After hearing me rave about this pizza, Jarrod and Denis drive to Ann Arbor for the delicious experience that is Bell's!

Jarrod and Denis are so fast, I didn't even get a pictire of this pie!

Denis Boismier. One of the best people I know. And he knows pizza like Jarrod and I do.

Jarrod loves his cheese. I'm gonna get him to write some reviews for this site too.

I love this pizza, and now so do my friends!

It was a blast taking Jarrod and Denis out to Bell's.  They both enjoyed the sauce, the cheese, and the pepperoni.  I don't believe either had eaten their pizza with broccoli on it before, and they liked that too.  Jarrod found the crust a delight, and said that it was sijmilar to the crust he used to have as a kid at a place, I believe he called "Dino's."  Denis said it was the type of good pizza he associates with bowling.  I never even thought to explore bowling alley pizza, but he says it can be very good.  Mmm, I'll have to check some out!
Jarrod was so impressed, he seriously considered getting another pizza after we completed the one that we had ordered and consumed.  The cooler head of Denis prevailed and we instead decided there were enough pizza calories coursing through our veins for one evening...taking ourselves to Starbucks for coffee and chai, then to Banfield's, near DJ's pizza (which I haven't had in a while).

There's nothing better than Family, Friends, and Pizza!!